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Watch how SoftVu’s fully customized, fully automated lead nurturing strategies and campaigns help your loan officers:

  • Create a better first impression
  • Improve contact rates
  • Nurture leads to close


Strategy. Execution. Results.

Continually Optimizing Marketing Performance

Marketing Strategy

We Strategize

Since 1999, SoftVu has created a strategic methodology to develop repeatable, predictable and scalable marketing solutions that deliver quantifiable results. Our approach begins with the Client’s purpose of solving a business problem and culminates with a fully implemented marketing program to achieve the desired goal. SoftVu’s industry leading platform, and years of best practice expertise, makes it easy for businesses to choose SoftVu as their valued marketing partner.

  • Purchase Campaigns
  • Refinance Campaigns
  • Aged Lead Campaigns
  • Realtor Campaigns
  • Customer Retention Campaigns (CFL)
  • Firm Offers of Credit Campaigns (CFL+)

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Marketing Strategy
Creative Services
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Email Templates

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Rate Updates

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Surveys & Forms

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eGreeting Cards

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We Do Creative

Whether it’s email copy, landing page design or video production, SoftVu’s Creative Team has been nationally recognized as a leader in creative design services to get the job done. Our approach incorporates our best practices’ competencies for consumer marketing, regulatory compliance for the banking and mortgage industries, email deliverability, and mobile compatibility.

  • Email Templates
  • Landing Pages
  • Video Production
  • Auto-responder Emails
  • Rate Alerts
  • Online Surveys & Forms
  • eGreeting Cards
  • Newsletters

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Automated Workflow

We Integrate and Automate

SoftVu’s ability to integrate with mainstream industry software platforms provides a streamlined approach for fast and cost effective implementations. Furthermore, the SoftVu platform and business partner ecosystem enables greater flexibility for unique data feeds connected with complex workflows and business intelligence reporting. Ultimately, SoftVu’s integrated approach enables marketers to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

  • Integrates with your CRM, LMS, ERP and/or LOS
  • Send customized, relevant, and timely messages to your leads and customers
  • Campaign alerts can instantly notify the sender and/or sales team of important marketing activity
  • Combines sales and marketing activity to provide a detailed analysis on ROI

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SoftVu Integration
Campaign Management

Client Management

We Get it Done

When you are a SoftVu Client, your dedicated Client Management Team will continually monitor and optimize your campaign performance and consult you on the opportunities and trends in the marketplace.

  • A-B Testing
  • Batch Send Campaigns
  • Email Delivery Optimization
  • Campaign Performance Reporting

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Performance Analytics

We Track and Report

SoftVu’s reporting engine (SoftVu Insight) provides deep analytics to illustrate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within our Clients’ automated and batch send campaigns. Standard reports include:

  • Email Deliverability
  • Email Open Rates
  • Email Click Through Rates
  • Campaign Trend Analysis
  • Lead Source Performance
  • Survey Response Details
  • Campaign Impact Reporting

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Performance Analytics

Notable Clients Served