18 Jun 2018
innovators hall of fame

innovators hall of fameSoftVu’s Summit awards lenders for their innovative thinking, intentional collaboration and high standards

Kansas City, Mo. – Four lenders have been inducted into the Mortgage Innovators’ Hall of Fame, an award established at this year’s Mortgage Innovation Summit. Monte Robbins of CapWest, Jeff Douglas of Wyndham Capital, Todd Geiman of HomeDirect Mortgage, and Philip Kneibert of Mortgage Lenders of America are the first to be given this prestigious award.

“We want to recognize and commend these individuals for their contribution to an industry that has to adapt as quickly as the internet evolves,” said Tim Donnelly, founder of the summit and President & CEO of SoftVu. “All four of these innovators have been and continue to be leaders in the mortgage lending community who exemplify characteristics that not only serve the industry but serve the Greater Good. We frankly need more people like them.”

Each was presented with a bronze award created in collaboration with Donnelly and students at the Kansas City Art Institute through a sponsored studio project. At the start of the 2018 spring semester, Donnelly gave students a brief explanation of the mortgage industry, the importance of innovation within the industry, how the award would be used and his inspiration for the design. The students collaborated on the project and presented Donnelly concepts from which to choose.

“I feel like the life cycle of a tree is a lot closer to innovation than just one stage of its life,” said sophomore Charlotte May, whose concept was ultimately chosen for the award. “So, I decided to pursue a trees life cycle – the growth that happens with that because I believe innovation is closely connected to growth.” When May found out that her concept would be the award she said, “I was really excited to hear that it would be turned into multiples and shared with many. It’s an honor.”

Follow the link to see how the award was created.

About the Mortgage Innovation Summit
The Mortgage Innovation Summit is an annual conference in Kansas City for the top mortgage lenders and technology providers to share new ideas and collaborate on opportunities and trends that will advance the consumer experience throughout the mortgage. For more information about the summit, visit www.SoftVu.com/SummitX

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