11 Feb 2019
Mortgage Firms Face Tough Choices Over Job Cuts, Overhead Cost in Housing Slump By nearly every yardstick, 2018 was a rocky year for the mortgage industry. Rising interest rates stalled refinancing and discouraged many homeowners from moving, while sky-high home prices kept a lot of first-time buyers out of the market. The industry reported negative [...]
06 Feb 2019
Attracting Needles in Haystacks: Creating a sustainable lead generation source for new business Why is it that, as technology gets better and better and makes it easier for us to connect, it becomes so much more difficult to actually communicate? Especially when it comes to building a lead generation pipeline? Sure, quantity has increased dramatically [...]
05 Feb 2019
Signs Your Brand Needs a Facelift When it comes to best describing what a brand truly is, the Internet offers no shortage of similes. Jump onto Google, type in the words “a brand is like,” and one gets the following results, among many others: an elephant, a cargo ship, an iceberg, a cup of coffee, [...]
30 Jan 2019
Social Media for Business Has Many Regulatory Restrictions in Mortgage Industry Social media tools aren’t just driving much of the business in today’s mortgage industry, they’re among the best ways to find new customers. But unlike most other sectors, financial institutions operate under strict regulations governing what lenders can say and do online. Loan officers [...]
24 Jan 2019
Transform your loan officers into customer experience leaders Do you think your customers have a good experience doing business with you? Be honest. Customer experience in the banking industry can make or break a company. It’s always been important, but it’s now essential as the industry evolves and transforms. Experts believe that by 2020, customer [...]
23 Jan 2019
Seven Social Media Tricks to Generate More Mortgage Traffic and Referrals We know social media can influence what consumers buy and where they shop. But an advantage of social media versus traditional media is how it spreads content among natural networks. The social element adds context and credibility. A friend’s raves about a new restaurant [...]
15 Jan 2019
Use These Social Media Best Practices to Build Your Brand and Bring in Mortgage Customers Is social media effective for creating, bolstering and promoting your professional brand? Of course! The social media growth of the past decade should convince anyone in the mortgage industry to use it to build and strengthen business relationships. There are [...]
09 Jan 2019
Be Southwest Airlines, Not the DMV: Why Customer Experience Matters in the Mortgage Industry We don’t want to be Debbie Downers, but it’s time for a little real talk: for most customers, getting a mortgage isn’t a “fun” experience. No matter how much you talk up how smooth and easy the process is with you, [...]