20 Mar 2019
The Digital Marketing Fitness Plan: 4 Ways to Improve the Health of Your Digital Marketing Campaign   Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? Every year, The American Dietetic Association (ADA) provides information to the public about the importance of fitness and proper nourishment. This year’s theme is “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle,” [...]
13 Mar 2019
Improve Email Deliverability With These Four Mailing List Tricks   If you’re frustrated that loan application numbers haven’t rebounded as fast as the recent drop in mortgage rates, you’re not alone. Many in the mortgage loan industry are trying to find ways to draw hesitant buyers off the fence as spring nears. While no one [...]
28 Feb 2019
February Rundown February has been brutal. Snow, freezing rain, bitter cold temps and even a few balmy days.  We’re warming things up with conference season.  Find out where we’re going and tell us where you’ll be conferencing this year. We hope one of those stops is Summit11 this June in Kansas City. For more info [...]
25 Feb 2019
How To Use Direct Mail to Inspire a Loan When the housing forecasts came in for 2019, they weren’t exactly optimistic. Realtor.com predicted that rising interest rates would put homeownership further out of reach for Generation Z and Millennial buyers. Refinancing activity was expected to slow down considerably. Total home sales were estimated to increase—but [...]
11 Feb 2019
Mortgage Firms Face Tough Choices Over Job Cuts, Overhead Cost in Housing Slump By nearly every yardstick, 2018 was a rocky year for the mortgage industry. Rising interest rates stalled refinancing and discouraged many homeowners from moving, while sky-high home prices kept a lot of first-time buyers out of the market. The industry reported negative [...]
06 Feb 2019
Attracting Needles in Haystacks: Creating a sustainable lead generation source for new business Why is it that, as technology gets better and better and makes it easier for us to connect, it becomes so much more difficult to actually communicate? Especially when it comes to building a lead generation pipeline? Sure, quantity has increased dramatically [...]
05 Feb 2019
Signs Your Brand Needs a Facelift When it comes to best describing what a brand truly is, the Internet offers no shortage of similes. Jump onto Google, type in the words “a brand is like,” and one gets the following results, among many others: an elephant, a cargo ship, an iceberg, a cup of coffee, [...]