26 Oct 2017

Just when you thought it was safe to send another email…it happens. Your message arrives in your leads’ inbox. You wait with bated breath to see what will happen. Will they open the email and click through to your website? Will they simply delete it without even opening it? Or will they–no!–open your email only to click the “unsubscribe” button?

While this particular brand of horror will never inspire countless sequels and spinoffs, for those in the mortgage industry this situation can inspire Grand Guignol levels of terror. After all, you’re not the only mortgage company sending messages to these leads. If you don’t find a way to stand out and grab their attention, it’s positively spooky how quickly they’ll gloss over you.

So what does it take to be the last one standing? The dead-lowest rates? The most chill-inducing campaigns? Well, be amazed by this plot twist: the best way to connect with someone…is by adding a personal touch.

Use a one-on-one approach.

When you’re making a huge decision, would you rather talk to–a faceless entity or a real person? (We’re guessing a person.) Guess what? Generally, your leads prefer to interact with a person as well. So sending messages from Loan Officer John Smith will be a lot more attractive to leads than messages sent from Your Company™. For example, say “How can I help you?” versus “How can we help you?” And we’ve seen that adding a salutation like “Hi there!” can make a huge difference, too.

Remind leads where you met

Letting leads know how you connected with them will instantly make your messages feel more relevant. Consider including wording like “Thanks for inquiring at LendingTree” or “Zillow told us that you’re looking for a mortgage!” You could also add the lead source logo in the template so it’s one of the first things your lead sees, giving them a bonus “official” feel.

Put a face to the name.

A picture is worth a thousand words…and if your messaging is being sent from individual loan officers, why not show them off? Adding their photos into the signature block allows leads see the face of the person they’ll be working with. Say cheese!

Build a relationship

Your leads are people as well as consumers–and people like to know they’re being thought of. So when you reach out to your leads with a “Happy Birthday!” or “I’m really glad we connected!” it shows you care about them beyond closing a deal. E-greetings are a great way to do that.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Icons, graphics, buttons and pictures–sure, they make your emails look super slick, but they can also signal “mass email send” to your leads. Consider removing some of your design elements like header images or graphics to make your messages feel a little more like a personal message from a trusted friend–not a boilerplate email from a large company.

Show them you know them

Customizing your emails as much as possible will make each and every lead feel as if you wrote your messages just for them. For example, one of SoftVu’s clients pulls in the lead’s street address into the subject line, and those emails tend to get higher open rates. Another great approach? Personal rate quotes. Leads love seeing specific interest rates that have been generated based on their information.

Standing out from your competition is the key to survival in this game. But don’t get scared! Email personalization is a hidden weapon that will help you emerge victorious as the Last Mortgage Company Standing. And if there’s one thing SoftVu’s all about, it’s helping you beat the odds. Our partnership with Velocify and our LMS systems can give your messaging the edge you need to escape the horror of the unsubscribe curse. Doesn’t that just send shivers up your spine!