28 Sep 2017

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Goldilocks who wanted a mortgage loan. So she put her information into LendingTree and three mortgage lenders began contacting her.

Mortgage Lender #1 emailed Goldi every day–sometimes twice a day! “This company is bugging me too much,” said Goldi as she clicked the “unsubscribe” button.

Mortgage Lender #2 emailed Goldi every once in awhile–sometimes every week, sometimes every two weeks. “Who are these people again?” asked Goldi when she received the first email from them in a month.

 Mortgage Lender #3 emailed Goldi not too much and not too little. They were just right–emailing enough that she remembered them and was getting valuable information, but not so much that she tuned them out or unsubscribed.

So Goldi decided to choose Mortgage Lender #3 for her loan, and she lived happily ever after.

Which of these mortgage lenders sounds like you? When it comes to contacting your leads in your lead generation campaigns, it can be a bit of a balancing act. Obviously, you don’t want to tap them on the shoulder too much or they’ll just ignore you…or worse, become annoyed and click the dreaded “Spam” button. And you don’t want to be so infrequent that they don’t remember your name or have already picked out a lender by the time your second email rolls around.

Just like in the old fairy tale, you want your email frequency to be just right. So what does that look like? It really depends.

Currently, the average frequency that professional email marketing agencies send out is one to three times per month. Now, in the mortgage industry, one to three emails a month is a little on the low side because (as you well know) once a lead submits their information, the clock is ticking and you don’t want to miss out on making the sale. So you’d want to send emails on a fairly frequent basis, at least at the beginning, in order to stay top of mind. Then, as the lead cycle grows longer, you don’t want to seem annoying…so it makes sense to taper down (but not halt) communications.

There isn’t one magic number to shoot for because it’s not just how many times you’re contacting them, it’s also about what you’re sending them. According to Jeremy Reeves from The Daily Egg, the golden ticket is to “Email as frequently as you can, as long as you can continue adding real, tangible value to your prospect or customer.”1

And what does that look like? Fortunately, this is something you can actually measure through analytics. What’s your open rate for your various touch points, and what’s your click-through rate? How many people are unsubscribing and when is this happening in your campaign? And what’s your email conversion rate, and when does it usually happen in the process?

And if all this sounds overwhelming, well, sit back and relax, friend. Lucky you, you’ve got a fairy godparent on your side (that’s us!). For starters, every time we begin a lead generation campaign, we’ll work with you to find that just right number of how many emails you should be sending. And we’ll also pick out what you should be sending, too, so you’re always reaching out to your leads with relevant information (and not just sell sell sell messaging that will have them clicking the “unsubscribe” button).

But that’s not all! SoftVu’s data tracking and proprietary software allow us to really work magic once your campaign is up and running. We’re able to track how well each touchpoint is working, monitor your open rates and click throughs, keep an eye on your list activity…and, if we see anything that can be improved, we have the ability to make tweaks in real time. Meaning your leads get the very best experience–and you get a campaign that works as hard as possible for you. Now, that’s a truly happy ending!


[1] https://www.crazyegg.com/blog/email-marketing-frequency/