05 Dec 2018

How Text Messaging Improves Engagement

If you thought the switch from network television to cable was dramatic, consider what the digital world has done to advertising.  All those online store algorithms now look for consumers to nudge when they leave something in a shopping cart. With omni-channel marketing advertisers can find us wherever we are by sending a message to our smart phone, to our inbox, or to whatever internet page we’re look.

One of the newest channels for advertisers is texting, and studies show direct-to-consumer texting works. The number of consumers now accessing emails on their mobile device is up to 43%. A new study by Zipwhip finds 56% of consumers want to text with businesses they know. Couple that with what Forbes found: 95% of consumers respond to a text message within three minutes.

Just because the numbers are trending upward doesn’t mean all text messages are equal.  There are best practices to follow to make the messages more effective and reduce the chances of too many opt-outs.  And, it needs to be legal. Sending a text to ask the consumer to opt-in to texting is no-no. And don’t assume that an email opt-in means it’s okay to text too.  The ask to text a consumer must be explicit permission.  Sometimes a double opt in is recommended to ensure everyone is aligned. Only then may a business send a promotional text message.  Anything sent prior could jeopardize the trust of the consumer.

Now that the ground rules are set the next step is technology integration. The platform must connect with your CRM/LMS to make this work.  (Note: if you’re a SoftVu client it already does!)

Then there is the art of the message.  Our Client Managers work closely with our clients to devise the correct words, message length and timing.  No chatbots here! We want your potential customers to receive the same warm message they get from your emails, just a shorter form.  They receive a customized text based off results from a customized email.  It’s an entirely controlled approach based on the consumers engagement.

Optimizing the user experience by channel and message takes sophisticated technology and marketing experience to drive consumer engagement, responses and contact rate.  How will you know if this new omnichannel approach is working?  Reporting.  Just like an email campaign, the consumers behavior related to the message is tracked and tested so intelligent adjustments can be made to a campaign, if needed. Transparency forces us to learn and improve for optimal results.

If you’re ready to add texting to your campaign drips, reach out to your client manager today.  Or if you’re new to LoyaltyExpress and the SoftVu solutions we would love to walk you through our platform.  Our solutions not only solve your marketing needs but our platform will manage your vendor needs all in one place.