31 Jan 2017



Here at SoftVu, we celebrate our VuCrew Members every month! Whether its your Birthday or Anniversary – we celebrate with treats, stories, laughter and more!

MADDY FINCH – Happy Birthday!

Maddy is one of our fabulous Client Managers. This month we celebrated the January birthdays with lots of pies and cupcakes! But those aren’t the only sweet treats Maddy enjoys on her birthday: “One of my favorite birthday traditions is when my mom makes me our family’s chocolate chip pound cake. The recipe has been passed down from my grandmother (Omie) and it’s one of the BEST cakes you will ever eat. I have been served this cake on my birthday for as long as I can remember, not only is it delicious, but also brings me so much happiness because of how long of a tradition it has been. I look forward to making it for my children one day!”

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KRIS THODOSOFF – Happy Birthday!

Kris is our super, wicked smart Data Scientist. Yep, we have a data scientist on our team, and we’re so grateful that it’s Kris! Check out what Kris had to say about his favorite birthday memory: “On my tenth birthday, I got a basketball goal, which helped me develop skills so advanced I couldn’t even make the middle school JV team…probably the best birthday gift ever.”

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Courtney joined the VuCrew in November 2016. We were so excited to celebrate Courtney’s first birthday at SoftVu with lots of sweet treats! Check out what Courtney had to say about her birthday memories and upcoming plans: “Favorite Birthday Memory – I don’t have one. I don’t really celebrate my birthday since it’s so close to Christmas. Big Plans I have – For my 40th in 2020 I am going to do the Polar Bear Plunge in the pool.”

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