28 Jan 2019

Meet Our VuGooder of the Month

Our VuGooder of the month almost always participates in office acts of kindness and volunteer opportunities.  But she doesn’t wait for the need to come to her.  Nope, she looks online for places and events that need volunteers and reaches out to the organization.  In fact, she encourages everyone in the office to get online to find a volunteer experience that speaks to them.  As she says, “it’s easy! You just have to take a moment to look!”

This VuGooder of the month is….Jillian Berger!

One of Jillian’s favorite volunteer gigs in 2018 was stopping hundreds of cars from hitting runners in the Kansas City Marathon. Yup, that 5’ 1” Jillian was one of the traffic cops – during those early morning hours.  As she cheered on runners while sipping hot chocolate in the chilly morning air, many of them yelled ‘thank you’ for being there to keep them safe.  And that is the moral of another VuGooder story…when you volunteer to help others, that generous gift of time and talent comes right back around and puts a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. Funny how that works.

Thank you, Jillian, for being an all-around fun team member who happens to make our world a much better place!