31 Jul 2017


JULY 2017

Here at SoftVu, we celebrate our VuCrew Members every month! Whether its your Birthday or Anniversary – we celebrate with treats, stories, laughter and more!

PATTY PORTER – Happy 50th Birthday!

SoftVu would be lost without our Patty Porter. She supports the entire team as our Director of Operations. This month she is hitting a huge milestone! “Milestone 50!  Looking forward to family trip, planning some fun activities and spending time with all the kids before school starts.”

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KELLI JANZEN – Happy Birthday!

Kelli continues to shine bright as one of our Creative Wizards. Here’s what she had to say about her birthday memories: “Birthdays when I was little were fun–we usually had a big family gathering to celebrate me and my cousin since our birthdays were close together, it was always a big party!”

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JANE SKAGGS – Happy Birthday!

Jane provides our Client Management team with so much laughter. She’s known for her pizza-eating habits. Check out what else she likes to binge on for her birthday. “One of the best things I ever did on my birthday was eat a 3 scoop ice cream cone for dinner.”

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DEB BARBER – Happy Birthday!

Deb recently joined the VuCrew on our SeniorVu team. Check out Deb’s birthday memories: “My parents used to take me to the Royals game as little girl.  We would sit in the nose bleed section, I’d eat cotton candy until my tunny hurt and my mom would call in advance to put my name up on the megatron with a happy birthday section.  Since my birthday is close to the 4th of July, we would always go to the 4th of July game to where the Royals shot off fireworks.  Still to this day, I enjoy going to see a game close to my birthday as the K holds found memories for me spent with my parents on my birthday. “

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