28 Jun 2017


JUNE 2017

Here at SoftVu, we celebrate our VuCrew Members every month! Whether its your Birthday or Anniversary – we celebrate with treats, stories, laughter and more!

ANNA GREMMINGER – Happy Birthday!

Anna joined the VuCrew as a Client Coordinator. Check out what she had to say about her favorite birthday memory: “For my 5th birthday, I asked my dad for a balloon castle! So when I woke up on my birthday that year, I walked downstairs and saw the entire living room and kitchen FULL of balloons! My dad had stayed up all night blowing them up just to make sure I had the balloon castle I asked for.”

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BILLY DANIELS – Happy Birthday!

Billy brings laughter and joy to SoftVu’s office – oh, and he works as our Digital Marketing Specialist too. As he celebrates his first birthday at SoftVu, he shared with us one of his favorite birthday memories: “Favorite birthday memory…celebrating Father’s Day and my birthday surrounded by all my #real friends and family.  I’m amazed that people like me, or they tolerate me and like Dre.”

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KARISSA ZIEGLER – Happy Birthday & Anniversary!

This month, Karissa is double-dipping! Her 2 year anniversary and her birthday! “June is a big month for me. This year I turned 24 and I also celebrated my TWO YEAR anniversary here at SoftVu. It’s crazy how much has happened and how this company has grown in just two years. We have more than doubled in size, including our CM team, we moved downtown, we migrated all clients to a our newest Software email platform, I have built amazing lasting relationships with several clients, I have traveled to Vegas, Chicago, Aberdeen (South Carolina), Lincoln, and Tulsa. It has been a wild ride, but I have learned so much and made so many amazing friends here at SoftVu the past two years. Thank you, SoftVu!”

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TARA MANLEY – Happy Birthday!

Tara just recently joined our SeniorVu team! She definitely hit a home-run with her favorite birthday memory. “One of my most memorable birthday moments was getting to sit in the Diamond Club seats at the Royals game and not having to pay for the tickets!”

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JENNIFER SUTTON – Congratulations!

Jennifer, Jenny, Sutton – whatever name you call her, don’t forget to congratulate Jennifer on her 1 year anniversary at SoftVu. “It’s been great working here for a year and can’t wait to enjoy more fun times as I start the new position on the SeniorVu side!”

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JANE SKAGGS – Congratulations!

In the past year, Jane has shown so much growth as a Client Coordinator. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary, Jane! “The past year of working at SoftVu has been absolutely amazing. Not only have I learned so much, but I have also made great friends. Can’t wait for more years to come and what the future here at SoftVu will bring.”

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KELLI JANZEN – Congratulations!

Her magic just never stops! Kelli continues to produce the best creative for our clients day in and day out. Don’t forget to congratulate Kelli on her 2 year anniversary! “I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made and experience I’ve gained in my two years at SoftVu. I’ve learned a lot and the people here have made it an amazing place to be.”

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