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The Digital Marketing Fitness Plan: 4 Ways to Improve the Health of Your Digital Marketing Campaign   Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? Every year, The American Dietetic Association (ADA) provides information to the public about the importance of fitness and proper nourishment. This year’s theme is “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle,” [...]
Improve Email Deliverability With These Four Mailing List Tricks   If you’re frustrated that loan application numbers haven’t rebounded as fast as the recent drop in mortgage rates, you’re not alone. Many in the mortgage loan industry are trying to find ways to draw hesitant buyers off the fence as spring nears. While no one [...]
Lead Nurturing: How To Get One Extra Loan a Month   “Come on, you can do just one more!”  How a little more lead nurturing can help you get one extra loan a month “Life hacks” are a big thing right now, and a lot of them revolve around the idea that doing just one [...]
February Rundown February has been brutal. Snow, freezing rain, bitter cold temps and even a few balmy days.  We’re warming things up with conference season.  Find out where we’re going and tell us where you’ll be conferencing this year. We hope one of those stops is Summit11 this June in Kansas City. For more info [...]
How To Use Direct Mail to Inspire a Loan When the housing forecasts came in for 2019, they weren’t exactly optimistic. predicted that rising interest rates would put homeownership further out of reach for Generation Z and Millennial buyers. Refinancing activity was expected to slow down considerably. Total home sales were estimated to increase—but [...]
Singing the Blues: The Sadness of Low Contact Rates (Cue blues guitar) (Da da da da da da) I dial me a number… (Da da da da da da) But I know it’s no use… (Da da da da da da) So few ever answer… (Da da da da da da) I got the contact [...]
Mortgage Firms Face Tough Choices Over Job Cuts, Overhead Cost in Housing Slump By nearly every yardstick, 2018 was a rocky year for the mortgage industry. Rising interest rates stalled refinancing and discouraged many homeowners from moving, while sky-high home prices kept a lot of first-time buyers out of the market. The industry reported negative [...]
Attracting Needles in Haystacks: Creating a sustainable lead generation source for new business Why is it that, as technology gets better and better and makes it easier for us to connect, it becomes so much more difficult to actually communicate? Especially when it comes to building a lead generation pipeline? Sure, quantity has increased dramatically [...]
Signs Your Brand Needs a Facelift When it comes to best describing what a brand truly is, the Internet offers no shortage of similes. Jump onto Google, type in the words “a brand is like,” and one gets the following results, among many others: an elephant, a cargo ship, an iceberg, a cup of coffee, [...]
A Lesson from Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes 2019 brings a new name, a new product roadmap and a new Summit. That’s whatcha call a touchdown! And, for more details on our roadmap and The Summit, shoot us a note. Then, for tips on how to use social media to boost your loan volume, check [...]
Social Media for Business Has Many Regulatory Restrictions in Mortgage Industry Social media tools aren’t just driving much of the business in today’s mortgage industry, they’re among the best ways to find new customers. But unlike most other sectors, financial institutions operate under strict regulations governing what lenders can say and do online. Loan officers [...]
Meet Our VuGooder of the Month Our VuGooder of the month almost always participates in office acts of kindness and volunteer opportunities.  But she doesn’t wait for the need to come to her.  Nope, she looks online for places and events that need volunteers and reaches out to the organization.  In fact, she encourages everyone [...]
Transform your loan officers into customer experience leaders Do you think your customers have a good experience doing business with you? Be honest. Customer experience in the banking industry can make or break a company. It’s always been important, but it’s now essential as the industry evolves and transforms. Experts believe that by 2020, customer [...]
Seven Social Media Tricks to Generate More Mortgage Traffic and Referrals We know social media can influence what consumers buy and where they shop. But an advantage of social media versus traditional media is how it spreads content among natural networks. The social element adds context and credibility. A friend’s raves about a new restaurant [...]
Three Ways Email Marketing Automation is Reshaping the Mortgage Industry Email remains one of marketing’s most powerful tools, with an ROI outpacing all other avenues. But for email marketing importance to stay high, messages must cut through the clutter. Today’s recipients are most likely to give their attention and clicks to emails that don’t seem [...]
Looking Back: The winning email marketing strategy you can learn from football In football, top teams usually make the best halftime adjustments. They look back at what happened thus far in the game, analyze their successes and failures, and then refocus their strategies before returning to the field. People who use email marketing for business [...]
The VuCrew Can’t Thank You Enough (or CAN They?) Take a stroll down memory lane with our previous Christmas videos: Buddy the Elf - 2017 A Little Hipster Christmas - 2016 A New SoftVu Tradition - 2015 Everyday is a Holiday - 2014 Holiday Inspiration - 2013 The VuCrew wishes you and your family a [...]
Overcoming Rising Interest Rates Surely your customers have seen the perpetual, panic-inducing headlines: “Up, up, and away! Mortgage interest rates continue to rise!” “Will increasing rates take a big bite out of our wallets?” “Act now before interest rates skyrocket too high!” So what exactly does it mean for today’s borrowers? To properly answer that [...]
Jerry Halbrook
Jerry Halbrook Named CEO of LoyaltyExpress Woburn, Mass., December 11, 2018 – LoyaltyExpress, a leading provider of cloud-based marketing automation, CRM, and POS solutions for banks and mortgage companies, and New Capital Partners, today announced the appointment of Jerry Halbrook to the position of Chief Executive Officer.  Jerry has 35 years of experience in financial services, [...]
How Text Messaging Improves Engagement If you thought the switch from network television to cable was dramatic, consider what the digital world has done to advertising.  All those online store algorithms now look for consumers to nudge when they leave something in a shopping cart. With omni-channel marketing advertisers can find us wherever we are [...]
Fourth Quarter Conversion Time It’s crunch-time and the clock is ticking, but there is still time for some late-quarter conversions. Here’s our November Rundown.  
SoftVu Predictions for the Future of Direct Mail Long past are the days of mail traveling by steamboat, of pneumatic mail tubes, of pigeon post, of five-cent stamps. Yes, direct mail has come a long way, leaving behind its humble origins to evolve into the highly refined, data-driven marketing tool it is today. And yet [...]
How To Win The Compliance Game of “Simon Says” Definition of compliance 1a: the act or process of complying to a desire, demand, proposal, or regimen or to coercion 1b: the things you have to do to make sure you’re on the up-and-up when it comes to messaging your customers Real talk here: dealing with [...]
Here’s the habit that can immediately improve your email delivery results The old joke goes “practice, practice, practice” is how you get to Carnegie Hall. In email marketing, the road to success is “testing, testing, testing.” There’s a lot on the line when you send out mailings -- your lead generation success, your digital reputation, [...]
Tips for Making Those Direct Mail Campaigns Even Stronger In March 1861, the Pony Express recorded its fastest-ever mail delivery, covering the nearly 2,000 miles from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California, in just under eight days. The record-breaking parcel that was delivered? A transcript of President Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural address. For a country on [...]
Why Turn Up Your Digital Marketing in an Omni-Channel World The name of the marketing game is finding the consumer where they are and getting them to engage.  Sending the right message to the right person at the right time is most effective when they see it in the right place for them – wherever [...]
Top Five
Five Habits to Improve Your Email Reputation In job hunting, relationships and credit checks, your reputation can make or break you. In email marketing, it can determine whether your message reaches the right people on your email address list or dies unseen. As a marketer, you know your subject lines, your engagement metrics and your [...]
SMS Text Messaging Example
LoyaltyExpress Adds Another Component to its Marketing Omni-Channel Text messaging combined with email proves to increase loan closures Kansas City, Mo. – LoyaltyExpress has expanded its marketing automation platform by adding texting (short message service or SMS) as another means of communication between mortgage loan officers and consumers (leads). This texting tool is a unique [...]
Successful Online Mortgage Applications Technology and mortgages – the two are, and must be, deeply connected. Applying for a home loan no longer requires sorting through stacks of documentation to submit over a fax machine. The process is now more streamlined and more accessible. Such dramatic improvements are driving lenders to reemphasize and reconsider crucial [...]
3 Essential Elements of Successful Video Emails As video use in email increases in the world of marketing, those utilizing it are reporting increased click through rates. As a mortgage lender, if you’re excited about the potential of video in email that’s great. But before you decide to just stick a video into your next [...]
LoyaltyExpress Unveils LendingConnect World-Class Point-of-Sale Solution that Simplifies the Lending Process Woburn, Mass., October 15, 2018 – LoyaltyExpress, a leading provider of cloud-based marketing automation and CRM solutions for banks and mortgage companies, today announced its revolutionary new point-of-sale solution – LendingConnect – an interview-style 1003 application manager with intuitive, automated elements that simplify the [...]
Dave's Dilemma and the SoftVu Solution All a loan officer wants to do is reach a lead who wants to take out a loan. Dave is one of those loan officers. See why Dave is now addicted to the SoftVu platform. Be Like Dave
5 Things that Drive Borrowers Away Hey, all you mortgage professionals out there! Instead of bringing you a familiar message about the importance of delivering a great experience to your customer, we’re changing it up this time with a little reverse psychology. That’s why SoftVu is declaring today Opposites Day and, instead of telling you [...]
Filling out application
4 Ways to Make Your Online Application Process More Successful These days, if your organization doesn’t have an online loan application process, you’re old school in the worst way. Like using a flip phone instead of a smartphone old school. According to a 2017 J.D. Power Survey, online applications are the most common way to [...]
Sockeye Salmon
Who Doesn't Want to be a Sockeye Salmon? Unless you’re one of those super neat, Zero Dark email owners who sweeps the floor of their inbox every night before bed, then you may have too many email messages to deal with. Even with an inbox of say 10,943 messages (don’t judge!) a subject line or [...]
video roi
The DL on Video ROI for Mortgage Marketing Why Video Is the Not-So-Secret Weapon You Should Be Using Like, Yesterday When was the last time you watched some form of video online? Was it a 30-second recipe auto play on Instagram? A pop-up ad on your local news site? A YouTube link your kid texted [...]
Attract image
Three Things Your Email MUST Do Think about it. You already know what those 3 things are: attract, engage & convert the consumer.  Are your emails maximizing those 3 elements or are they actually hurting your business? Our research shows, it takes a heck of a lot more than a catchy subject line to get [...]
Email Process
The MVP of Email Deliverability In team sports, every player has a specific job to do. But they all have the same goal – win the game! Email deliverability and authentication methods are similar – Sender Policy Framework (SPF) has one specific job. DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) has another. Then, in 2012 a new “player” [...]
Loyalty Express, SoftVu, New Capital Partners
  New Capital Partners Announces LoyaltyExpress Investment in SoftVu BIRMINGHAM, Ala., July 11, 2018 – LoyaltyExpress, a portfolio company of New Capital Partners, has acquired SoftVu, a leader in creation, management, distribution and tracking of automated marketing strategies for direct-to-consumer markets in the mortgage lending industry. The investment begins SoftVu’s partnership with LoyaltyExpress, a provider [...]
innovators hall of fame
SoftVu’s Summit awards lenders for their innovative thinking, intentional collaboration and high standards Kansas City, Mo. – Four lenders have been inducted into the Mortgage Innovators’ Hall of Fame, an award established at this year’s Mortgage Innovation Summit. Monte Robbins of CapWest, Jeff Douglas of Wyndham Capital, Todd Geiman of HomeDirect Mortgage, and Philip Kneibert [...]
Kansas City, Mo.  – LendingTree® and SoftVu announced the four finalists that will showcase their innovations at the annual Mortgage Innovation Summit, which is celebrating its 10th year. Four innovators have been chosen to compete in the “LendingTree Innovation Challenge” for a $5,000 grand prize. These four finalists are Jeff Rohr, SquareOffs; Jon Hill, Vitreus; [...]
VuGooder Mission “Work to live and live to serve for the Greater Good” - SoftVu’s President & CEO, Tim Donnelly   SoftVu aspires to exemplify our core values in our day-to-day activities and within service acts that provide value to our local communities and our extended global community. SoftVu’s VuGooders believe in broadening their communal [...]
KANSAS CITY, MO – SoftVu announced today that the company has chosen to leverage Optimal Blue’s powerful API to integrate robust product eligibility and pricing data into their unique technology platform. This highly-anticipated integration equips lenders with accurate and compliant rate quotes at an integral point of the homebuying cycle, providing a much-improved experience for [...]
Merry Christmas 🎄 & Happy New Year! SoftVu's growth in 2017 inspired this year's Christmas video.  And, Buddy the Elf is helping us spread Christmas cheer for all to hear. Take a stroll down memory lane with our previous Christmas videos: A Little Hipster Christmas - 2016 A New SoftVu Tradition - 2015 Everyday is [...]
November 15, 2017 Kansas City, Missouri: SoftVu and Discourse Analytics have announced the formation of a strategic partnership to enable individualization based enhancements to their marketing and lead management strategy platforms. The partnership creates a first-of-its-kind deployment of automated marketing to a specific individual based upon that person's unique mindset and their connection to the brand. [...]
A Time To Remember Here at SoftVu we feel greatly indebted to our customer, to our staff, the blessings we have, and those who have sacrificed over the years that we might be what we are. While we remember them throughout the year, it is at this time in November that we take time to [...]
Kathleen's Bowling for Kid's Sake team: Split Happens (left to right) Mitch, Maria, Julian, Erika, Kathleen, Billy & Josh VuGooder Mission “Work to live and live to serve for the Greater Good” - SoftVu’s President & CEO, Tim Donnelly   SoftVu aspires to exemplify our core values in our day-to-day activities and within service acts [...]
HAPPY BIRTHDAYS / ANNIVERSARIESOCTOBER 2017 Here at SoftVu, we celebrate our VuCrew Members every month! Whether its your Birthday or Anniversary - we celebrate with treats, stories, laughter and more! DANE GUEVARA - Happy Birthday! Dane has always been a huge sports fan. This year, he got to celebrate his birthday and his love of sports. "This [...]
Just when you thought it was safe to send another happens. Your message arrives in your leads’ inbox. You wait with bated breath to see what will happen. Will they open the email and click through to your website? Will they simply delete it without even opening it? Or will they--no!--open your email only [...]
HAPPY BIRTHDAYS / ANNIVERSARIESSEPTEMBER 2017 Here at SoftVu, we celebrate our VuCrew Members every month! Whether its your Birthday or Anniversary - we celebrate with treats, stories, laughter and more! JENNY DULD - Happy Birthday! Jenny has celebrated her last 12 birthdays with SoftVu and it doesn't stop there. Jenny says, "I'm celebrating a Birthday this month! [...]
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Goldilocks who wanted a mortgage loan. So she put her information into LendingTree and three mortgage lenders began contacting her. Mortgage Lender #1 emailed Goldi every day--sometimes twice a day! “This company is bugging me too much,” said Goldi as she clicked the “unsubscribe” button. Mortgage [...]
At the 2017 Mortgage Innovation Summit in Kansas City, Doug Duncan, Senior Vice President & Chief Economist, Fannie Mae offered his insight on consumer technology habits for both millennials and their parents.  Take a listen. Learn more about SoftVu today. Schedule a demo by emailing us at We can't wait to work with you. [...]
At the 2017 Mortgage Innovation Summit in Kansas City, Doug Duncan, Senior Vice President & Chief Economist, Fannie Mae talked about the current housing climate and his beliefs regarding how to attract the millennial home buyer. Take a listen. Learn more about SoftVu today. Schedule a demo by emailing us at We can't wait [...]
HAPPY BIRTHDAYS / ANNIVERSARIESAUGUST 2017 Here at SoftVu, we celebrate our VuCrew Members every month! Whether its your Birthday or Anniversary - we celebrate with treats, stories, laughter and more! JEFF DAVIDSON - Happy Birthday! Jeff has been with SoftVu for the last 6 years and we've had a chance to celebrate many life events with him [...]
Ah, technology. How quickly what’s new and hot becomes the norm! From answering machines Instant Messaging, from Blackberries to smartphones…and now, for the mortgage lending industry, we’re starting to see the normalization of the hottest new must-have: online loan application systems. “The game is changing,” says Brett McCracken, SVP of Sales & Business Development at [...]
HAPPY BIRTHDAYS / ANNIVERSARIESJULY 2017 Here at SoftVu, we celebrate our VuCrew Members every month! Whether its your Birthday or Anniversary - we celebrate with treats, stories, laughter and more! PATTY PORTER - Happy 50th Birthday! SoftVu would be lost without our Patty Porter. She supports the entire team as our Director of Operations. This month she [...]
July 31, 2017 KANSAS CITY, MO: In addition to providing industry-leading mortgage and senior living solutions, SoftVu has prioritized activities focused around fundraising and philanthropy in 2017. With the creation of the VuGooders, a name for our community minded team members, SoftVu is making an important impact in several charitable ways. In June, SoftVu hosted [...]
Welcome back, class! Yes, we know it’s still a bit early, and the 2017-2018 school session doesn’t start for another few weeks, but we like you to be prepared as we finish up summer and get ready for fall. At the beginning of the calendar year, there were a lot of predictions for what 2017 [...]