31 Jan 2017

Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Here at SoftVu, we have New Year’s Reso-DO-tions! (Go ahead and groan. That was a dad joke.) As 2017 ramps up, we’ve got everything in place to make all sorts of awesome new stuff happen. We’re super-excited because all these new things add up to one big thing: helping you get the right message to the right people at the right time, every time.

New Faces!

Our Vu Crew has grown from a small but mighty team into a much-larger-and-even-more-mighty unstoppable force! We’re 33 people strong, and have grown from 3 Client Coordinators to 7. (We’d list all of them, because we love each and every one, but that would take up the entire newsletter, so instead, come by and say hi!)

New Space!

Westport Game Room

Just like every other growing family, we found we needed a lot more space. So we said sayonara to our location out south and headed north to the Crossroads District KCMO! Now, we’re residing in a refurbished freight house (all original brick, natch!) with multiple conference rooms, a multimedia/gaming/ping-pong hangout (with beanbag chairs), an amazing kitchen and, most importantly, PLENTY of room for us to continue growing.

New Integration Opportunities!

Getting bigger and better means we’re able to broaden our services to more people and expand the SoftVu reach.

One big example is our new integration with Jornaya, a sales insights data company (formerly known as LeadiD). They, along with our existing Velocify integration, enable us to build a bridge for our clients in order to track leads from the time they begin a loan application until they close. That allows us to make in-the-moment changes to make sure your campaigns are working as hard as they need to.

Another integration is with ActiveProspect, which allows us to automate complex lead qualification processes for our clients simply and easily, while removing duplicates and anything that would mess up the process.

New Conferences!

We love traveling, especially when it’s also informational. This year, we’re heading to a bunch of fun places to get more information on what we can be doing to help your business succeed, including:

We’ll gain new insights into performance marketing, meet with clients and prospects, participate in conference activities and more. (And, unlike the slogan says, what we learn in Vegas will NOT stay in Vegas!)

We’ll be attending all six of these conferences being put on by our super-duper partner Velocify. Watch out Dallas, LA, Boston, Philadelphia, NYC and DC!

We’ll be headed to sunny San Francisco to join 500 plus marketers, entrepreneurs and technology leaders at this premier call marketing conference.

This is one we’re putting on, and we hope to see you there—see the call-out below for more info!

New Services!

We’re proud to announce the launch of SeniorVu, a CRM solution to help senior living communities better identify qualified and boost occupancy rates. Learn more here!

...Finally, Here's What's NOT New!

Sure, we’ve got a flashy new building, a bunch of new partnerships and a ton of new faces. However, one thing isn’t new, and that’s our exceptional service. We’ve still got the same great customer service and the same fantastic products, including our special services like Consumer For Life (CFL) and CFL+, to help boost your ROI. After all, no matter how big we get, we’ll always be the same results-driven SoftVu at heart.

Gearing Up for the 2017 Summit

Put your game face on for SoftVu’s 2017 Mortgage Innovation Summit set for June 5, 6 & 7. We know competition is fierce, so to give your company a winning edge, we are pulling together a top team of specialists in the customer experience. We will be jumping through hoops to tackle this topic. {Buzzer Sound Goes Here!} Plus, we’ll have some serious fun and games to re-energize you and your team.  Click here to let us know your game plan! Stay tuned for speaker announcements and more details!