20 Nov 2018

Out With The Old, In With The New: Get Your Portal In Shape for 2019

The holidays are almost here – woo hoo! As the end of the year approaches, this is the time to indulge a little. A time to put that diet on hold and enjoy all the treats and delights available at the various holiday parties and gatherings. In terms of business, you’re still churning to make 2018 as profitable as possible, but with all the breaks coming up and feeling all holly-jolly, it’s kinda fun to sit back, relax a little, get your stuff done and just enjoy the season. After all, once the New Year is rung in, that’s when we can get back in shape and hit the diet/business plan/whatever at full steam ahead. Right?

Well…what if we told you that waiting until the new year is kind of shooting yourself in the foot? Especially when it comes to your business plan and marketing to new customers?

Think about it. If you roll into the gym on January 1 ready to start your resolution right, you’ll be just one individual in the sea of newbies. It’s hard to find an available machine, all the classes are full, and it’s noisy and busy and not that great of an atmosphere. It’s harder to see results because you’re fighting against all the other “wanna change our look” people taking up space. Eventually, you may decide it’s not worth the hassle and go back to what you were always doing (which was why you ended up at the gym in the first place).

Likewise, if you wait until the beginning of the year to take a look at your marketing portal – where all your on-brand email marketing stuff lives – you’ll be in good company…if by good company you mean all of your competitors who have waited until the new year to look at their marketing portals and make tweaks. By the time you’re ready to launch any changes, which take at least several weeks to get rolling, it’s time for spring cleaning! Meaning you’re just one in the sea of all the newbies. Meaning it’s that much harder to make headway and have your business plan be successful.

Here’s another idea…

What if, instead of kicking back with a cup of cheer this holiday season and letting things ride out, you decided to make an “end-of-year resolution?” To go back to our gym metaphor, what if you decided to start hitting the gym December 1 instead of January 1? You’d be in quite a different atmosphere: a less crowded space, less-stressed staff who will be more willing to help you get started and more time to get in shape, putting you ahead of all the newbies who will be streaming in come New Year’s Day.

Now, think about your marketing portal. If you were to turn a keen eye to your portal and get everything spruced up starting now, you can put your best foot forward – right at the beginning of the year. You’ll be flexing your new business muscles well before your competitors hop on the treadmill for the first time.

Why Freshening Up Your Portal Is Important

Please don’t misunderstand: you’re beautiful as you are! We’re not suggesting that you tone up because you’re no longer effective. Far from it! However, investing a little effort into your CRM appearance (meaning your emails, landing pages, surveys etc.) will make you feel good and start turning some customers’ heads. Here’s why:

Best practices can change – quickly.

The Internet has made fads and marketing trends lightning quick, and what was the gold standard in subject lines six months ago may have become passe as of yesterday. Search algorithms adapt themselves in real time, and new technology can cause shifts in how your customers interact with your messages. It’s always worth making sure your portal is working as hard as it can, the best it can, according to the best practices of this particular minute.

Variety is the spice of life.

We’re not talking about a complete makeover of your brand. However, let’s say you’ve had the same haircut for a while now, and while it’s still super cute, it’s not quite cutting edge. It’s not really eye-catching anymore. Change it up a little and voila – suddenly, people are noticing! The same goes with your CRM materials. If you’ve been using the same template time and time again or haven’t done any sort of testing recently, it’s worth getting a consult to see how you can present yourself in the best light.

You keep everything working at peak performance.

When you hit your target goal weight or finally lift that amount you’ve been aiming for, you don’t just say “that’s it!” and sit back and let it ride. No – you keep working at it, adjusting your practice in order to keep yourself at peak performance and perhaps finding new goals or new ways to stay healthy. The same goes for your marketing portal. You launched it the first time and it was simply perfect. But without a little love, has it become a little not-so-toned? Focusing on optimal fitness will help keep your campaigns running smoothly.

Getting in shape – whether physically or digitally – doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. As any gym-goers know, the first step is always the hardest part. Once you start seeing results, however, it becomes a whole lot easier. And it’s much easier to see results when you’re able to get in early so the expert trainers can give you their full attention.

As experts in CRM and marketing portals, SoftVu likes to think of ourselves as your dedicated personal trainer. We do this day in and day out, and we know what it takes to keep your body of work tuned and in shape. And nothing would make us happier than helping you succeed and start the New Year off right. Give us a call at 877.611.0104 and let’s talk about how a marketing portal tune-up could work in your favor.