03 Sep 2018
Sockeye Salmon

Who Doesn’t Want to be a Sockeye Salmon?

Sockeye SalmonUnless you’re one of those super neat, Zero Dark email owners who sweeps the floor of their inbox every night before bed, then you may have too many email messages to deal with. Even with an inbox of say 10,943 messages (don’t judge!) a subject line or headline can grab our attention and get us to respond.  If not now, then later.

Think of your stream of emails like, well…a stream of salmon.  You’re in a boat watching all those silver fish coming at you, hundreds of them every day.  And, because you see the same thing all the time there’s no urge to grab any one in particular. Until suddenly you notice something different, something colorful that grabs your attention. A similar fish but this one is bright red. Is that a sockeye salmon? You can’t resist, so you scoop it up into the boat to check it out.

Getting the consumer to notice your email in the stream of emails is part luck (the mood of the consumer,) part science. SoftVu has the science down. Even as experienced as they are with email marketing, their SoftVu client managers are constantly testing the waters to track what sparks the consumer to engage with an email.  They call it A/B testing (a.k.a. split testing.)

With client consent, a group of emails is divided in half. One factor or attribute is different in each batch.  For example, group A includes a video message.  Group B does not.  Then SoftVu watches the consumer respond and collects all the data to determine which one gets the best engagement. Other tests will focus on the use of variable data in the subject line or the body of the email.  The CTA button – both the message or the color – is another point for A/B testing.  All of it is done to collect data so SoftVu clients can understand what triggers their potential customer to engage.

Purchase vs. refi graph

You may be thinking: “Great! SoftVu, can go test that on some other company, then bring that data right on over here and apply it to my campaign.”  The truth is, the only consistent denominator across all of their participating clients (for the most part) is inconsistency. What works for Client 1 doesn’t always work well for Client 2 and may not work at all for Client 3.  There are no one-size-fits-all solutions.  Each client is unique which is why every campaign is customized. SoftVu’s experts know that your customers are unique to your company therefore no cookie cutter answers work.

You may also be thinking: “Will I actually gain more loans with A/B testing?”  You bet.  By learning from the data, SoftVu can shift gears on your campaigns using methods that prove to produce the highest conversion rates.

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