15 Nov 2017

November 15, 2017

Kansas City, Missouri: SoftVu and Discourse Analytics have announced the formation of a strategic partnership to enable individualization based enhancements to their marketing and lead management strategy platforms.

The partnership creates a first-of-its-kind deployment of automated marketing to a specific individual based upon that person’s unique mindset and their connection to the brand. By leveraging modern applications of cognitive science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine-learning the platform can now provide mortgage lenders, retail banks, senior housing communities and for-profit education institutions the most comprehensive tool for right-timed conversations with both customers and leads when they are ready to buy. Through individualized campaigns, enhanced email analytics, unique data driven content creation, and patented Think-alike clustering, marketers are provided with a unique ability to power the next conversation around the best product with the right message. This partnership demonstrates the commitment by both SoftVu and Discourse Analytics to bringing the most current applications of data science to automated marketing.

“To further engage and nurture our client’s customer base we see an increasing need to bring true data science and prescriptive analytics to our customers,” said Tim Donnelly, President & CEO of SoftVu. “Relevance, speed and scalable machine-based learning provides big challenges and even larger opportunities. Partnering with Discourse Analytics provides unparalleled ability to empower our customers with the most humanized automated voice in the market. “

Lou Aronson, Founder & CEO of Discourse Analytics added, “We obsess about unlocking the power of our customer’s existing data through our Customer Activation Platform™ and providing them with the insights needed to drive right-timed action. By partnering with SoftVu we can now leverage our unique AI applications with their market-leading customer engagement platform to create the linkage of a truly unique voice and channel to the customer journey.”

Through the combined offering customers of each company will now not only have enriched analytics to understand the effectiveness of their messaging and campaigns but also the opportunity to understand each individual customer at a granular level to respond more directly, quickly and with more relevance.

About SoftVu

SoftVu, founded in 1999 and based in Kansas City, accelerates your sales conversion rates by creating, managing, distributing and tracking direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns. Leveraging big data, machine-learning algorithms and marketing automation, we deliver repeatable and predictable results to our clients, optimizing lead management strategies. For more information about SoftVu, visit www.SoftVu.com.

About Discourse Analytics

Discourse Analytics was founded in 2012 and is based in Bethesda, Maryland. The Customer Activation Platform ™ models every individual in an audience as a dynamic, evolving, thinking human being. Our patented algorithms provide a simple and powerful way to bring scalable, cognitive science-based personalization to the enterprise. For more information about Discourse Analytics, visit www.DiscourseAnalytics.com.

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