30 Oct 2018

Why Turn Up Your Digital Marketing in an Omni-Channel World

Omni-ChannelThe name of the marketing game is finding the consumer where they are and getting them to engage.  Sending the right message to the right person at the right time is most effective when they see it in the right place for them – wherever that place might be.  And, an omnichannel marketing approach is the only way to do it right in this digital world we live in.

Consumers still look at their emails more than 10X a day and when there’s a video included open rates jump by 19%. Direct mail still holds its own in the marketing mix with higher comprehension rates than email. And according to Forbes, 95% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes of being received making short message service (SMS) one of the marketing up and comers of the year.

Compare all of that to the amount of time consumers spend on the internet.  The widespread and portable use of smartphones and tablets lets consumers have the internet at their fingertips.  A Pew Research Center survey conducted in January of this year found 26% of American adults report they’re online “almost constantly.” That’s up from 21% in 2015.  The report also found that 43% of us are online several times a day and 8% are there once a day.

That’s a lot of opportunity to get your brand in front of consumers though you still have to find them.  That’s what data scientists do.  They use machine-learning algorithms to find the consumers who are looking at housing, checking out interest rates, and searching for realtors.  They then connect them with brands they believe will help them reach their American dream of owning a new home. It’s a former of marketing referred to as remarketing or retargeting.

As a consumer, you’ve seen ads pop up when you’re looking for a new restaurant or shopping online.  When the online behavior of a consumer reflects an interest in buying a home, digital marketing can strategically appear to nudge the consumer or remind them to check out your email is sitting in their inbox.  Trigger emails are sent to consumers who’ve opted into the brand.  It’s a way to get them to connect with you through one click.

SoftVu Clients Have an Advantage

Since we are already integrated with our clients LMS, our digital marketing is specific to YOUR customers. We are reaching them with relevant ads based on where they are in the sales cycle. Outside digital marketing companies can’t do that. And because our technology already knows the current status of their customers, the digital marketing messages we create on behalf of our clients are on-point with the customer’s journey.

Adding digital marketing and taking an omnichannel marketing approach can enhance your overall marketing strategy exponentially, especially when your competition isn’t doing it.  Don’t be like your competition!  Integrate this tool as part of your current strategy to optimize your dynamic remarketing campaigns.

If you’re ready to turn up the lead volume by adding digital marketing to your campaigns, reach out to us today.  Let us help you reach your Q4 goals!